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Zombie Apocalypse for GTA San Andreas

9 January 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Зомби апокалипсис for GTA San Andreas
This pack required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
Pack adds in San Andreas zombies!!!
-Replaced all the weapons
-The door in the door replaced the CJ L4D
-If you are bitten or tired of playing for CJ press Z to become zombies
Enter SCREAM to activate sounds
-Walk up to a person and press X to bite him
-Press J to eat a dead body and restore health
-Press I to pretend to be dead and losing the cops
-Press H to dance (well, for a joke)
-Now if you slaughter zombies chainsaw they break down into parts
Download and comment!
Enjoy the game!
Pack include 99 modifications:
  1. Post Apocalyptic Mayhem sandking replace Sandking
  2. Broken cars on Grove Street
  3. The Walking Dead
  4. Fire extinguisher from GTA 4. replace Fire Extinguisher
  5. New hockey stick replace Golf Club
  6. New spare replace Sawn Off Shotgun
  7. Hunting carbine replace Rifle
  8. Thermal Goggles replace Thermal Goggles
  9. NV Goggles replace Nightvision Goggles
  10. Swat from Point Blank replace swat (id285)
  11. Zombie replace bmotr1 (id79)
  12. A new Jetpack replace jetpack
  13. Zombie father Steve from Resident evil-The darkside chronicles replace male01 (id7)
  14. Skin zombika replace omost (id58)
  15. Fast zombie from Half Life 2 replace ballas2 (id103)
  16. Zombies from half-life 2 replace ballas1 (id102)
  17. IV Multiplayer Zombie replace bmydj (id19)
  18. Shabby Revolver HD replace Desert Eagle
  19. Scrap of Half Life replace Cane
  20. Camera from Far Cry 3 replace Camera
  21. Bloody Chainsaw replace Chainsaw
  22. Kopovskaâ Club replace Night Stick
  23. AjsMenskij Fistglove replace Brass Knuckles
  24. M4A1 Special by f0natGTA replace M4
  25. Machete replace Katana
  26. The door of the Left4dead 2 to replace input
  27. Zombies, envelope B Dela Fuente, Oblivion replace bmycr (id21)
  28. New bits of Saints Row The Third replace Baseball Bat
  29. "Long carbine from the Fallout New Vegas replace Sniper Rifle
  30. Chainsaw Massacre v. 2.0
  31. Zombie Skin-bfori replace bfori (id9)
  32. Zombie Skin-bfost replace bfost (id10)
  33. Zombie Skin-bikera replace bikera (id247)
  34. Zombie Skin-bmycon replace bmycon (id260)
  35. Zombie Skin-cwmyhb1 replace cwmyhb1 (id162)
  36. Zombie Skin-cwmyhb2 replace cwmyhb2 (id200)
  37. Zombie Skin-dwmolc2 replace dwmolc2 (id33)
  38. Zombie Skin-hfybe replace hfybe (id140)
  39. Zombie Skin-lvemt1 replace lvemt1 (id275)
  40. Zombie Skin-omyri replace omyri (id59)
  41. Zombie Skin-sbfyst replace sbfyst (id69)
  42. Zombie Skin-sbmyri replace sbmyri (id185)
  43. Zombie Skin-sofyst replace sofyst (id226)
  44. Zombie Skin-somyst replace somyst (id170)
  45. Zombie Skin-swmotr4 replace swmotr4 (id239)
  46. Zombie Skin-swmyst replace swmyst (id188)
  47. Zombie Skin-vhfyst replace vhfyst3 (id246)
  48. Zombie Skin-vwfyst1 replace vwfyst1 (id87)
  49. Zombie Skin-wfyri replace wfyri (id91)
  50. Zombie Skin-wfyro replace wfyro (id92)
  51. Zombie Skin-wfyst replace wfyst (id93)
  52. Zombie Skin-wmori replace wmori (id94)
  53. Zombie Skin-wmybar replace wmybar (id177)
  54. Zombie Skin-wmybe replace wmybe (id154)
  55. Zombie Skin-wmybp replace wmybp (id26)
  56. Zombie Skin-wmycr replace wmycr (id100)
  57. Zombie Skin-wmymech replace wmymech (id50)
  58. Zombie Skin-wmyst replace wmyst (id101)
  59. Zombies from Resident evil replace wmybmx (id23)
  60. Zombies from Resident evil replace hmyst (id48)
  61. Zombies from Resident evil replace hmyri (id46)
  62. Zombies from Resident evil replace hmycr (id47)
  63. Zombies from Resident evil replace bmydrug (id28)
  64. Zombies from Resident evil replace bmyri (id20)
  65. Zombies from Resident evil replace hmost (id44)
  66. Zombies from Resident evil replace hmybe (id45)
  67. Zombies from Resident evil replace wmydrug (id29)
  68. The flamethrower from METRO 2033 replace Flame Thrower
  69. Blood Burrito replace Burrito
  70. New cue replace Pool cue
  71. Molotov Cocktail replace Molotovs
  72. The Book of Eli Machete replace Knife
  73. MP-40 Dual Mags replace MP5
  74. Pepper Spray replace Spray Paint
  75. Spade from Resident Evil 5 replace Shovel
  76. Zombie (GTA V) replace bmybu (id17)
  77. New Custom Army replace army (id287)
  78. Heller Zombie replace bmost (id15)
  79. Crimson Zombie Skin replace bmybe (id18)
  80. Zombie Soldier (State of Decay) replace bmori (id14)
  81. Ak74 Buttstock replace AK47
  82. The backpack from the Last of us replace Parachute
  83. The shotgun from the Last of us replace Combat Shotgun
  84. MAC-10 (Max Payne 3) replace Micro Uzi
  85. PT92 (Max Payne 3) replace Silenced Pistol
  86. Micro 9 mm (Max Payne 3) replace Tec9
  87. The zombies of "Killing floor" replace bmyst (id22)
  88. Gates in Grove Street
  89. The New Minigun HD replace Minigun
  90. Sticky Bombs GTA 5 replace Sachet Charges
  91. Scarlet Nights (Scarlet Night)
  92. M1911 replace Colt 45
  93. Mossberg 500 replace Shotgun
  94. US Grenade replace Grenades
  95. The gas needle replace Tear Gas
  96. RPG-7V replace RPG
  97. Arrow replace Missile Launcher
  98. Zombie mod
  99. The new Detonator HD replace Detonator
Pack author: Gangzta Downloads: 94884 Comments: 3
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  • Cxvcdxvr10401
    Cxvcdxvr10401 Offline
     Member 12
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    So big file i cannot download it. sad
    23 February 2016 14:24
  • LizzieEvie999
    LizzieEvie999 Offline
     Member 28
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    that file only 48.67mb...not to big for user belay what
    21 December 2016 11:36
  • quvianuq
    quvianuq Offline
     Member 2
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    how do i activate the zombie mode?
    13 December 2017 00:55

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