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Reality game mod pack for GTA San Andreas

1 June 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Reality game mod pack for GTA San Andreas
1.animals in gta san andreas - mods - checken, hourse and more
2.ams 3.2.1 (active dashboards) - press (*) to activate to disable (/) to get a gas hold (N)

-rotating mežsekcionnyj drive, as in "Ikaruse" with an accordion;
-rulâŝie rims in the back section of the "Ikarus";
-You can create ahead of another bridge with rulâŝimi wheels;
-You can create back podrulivaûŝuû axle, as on some buses, the angles are calculated based on the dimensions of the model;
-the ability to create a fully functioning hydraulic dump trucks, including trailers;
-steady turn wheels on cars of class "worker";
-the ability to customize the car speedometer, tachometer (sizing, pointer, maximum lift janitors and
the helm;
-transfer case (polnoprivodnikah);
-You can raise the truck cabin type "KAMAZ".

press - (K) - for wipes
press - (B) - for hand brake
press - (J) - for on/of engine
press - (P) - for hook/unhook the trailer
press - (Z) - left povortnik on/off
press - (X) - the hazard lights on/off
press - (C) - right pan/tilt on/off
press - (9) - reduced (on/off at a speed of less than 5 km/h)
press - (0) - front-wheel drive
press - (_) - all-wheel drive
press - (=) - rear-wheel drive

"num8"-standing near the car lift cabin;
' num2 '-omit the cabin standing next to the car;
"num8"/"num2"-raise/lower body (behind the wheel to sit). You can do any car truck. If the tipper-dumper,
the use of hydraulics lift lower body num7/num1;
-"incert"/"delete"-raise/lower the left glass;
-"pageup"/"pagedown"-raise/lower right glass;
-"/" num9 num3 "-raise/lower sloth (standing at axis);
-"num4/num6"-open/close vorotinu (standing at the door of the body).

Crane Control:
- "num8"/"num2" - raise/lower arrow;
- "num4/num6 - rotate an arrow;
- "/" num7 num9 " - push/slide the arrow;
- "num1"/"num3" - to release/remove support;
- "num num" + "/" -wind up/unwind steering.

3.home inside - now ur gang is follow u where are u come inside ur home or any where you come..

4. first person - now to can shoot lokk like a counter strike...

5. authorepair - these mods cant repair any car with no pressing or type in your keyboard auto repair

6. holes of bullet - now u can shoot a car or wall without bullet holes

7. tuning mod - these mod is nice u can tune and upgrade ur cars any cars

8.emergency light - to active press (F12)
to show a menu press (F11)
to select ur choose press (H)
to torn of the light press (F10)
To run the cilivian lights:
Indicator: Left-(minus next to Backspace)
Indicator Right: = (is-next to the Backspace)
Giveway: Flash-and = (minus and equal press)

9. crash when crash mods.. the mod is reality crash in cars
Pack author: patrick01 Downloads: 22817 Comments: 2
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