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Pak on theme 2-nd world for GTA San Andreas

10 July 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак на тему 2-й мировой for GTA San Andreas
Skins and weapons exist, not my work, I have gathered everything together

I watched the game.. NET ... It is advisable to put on a clean GTA. In Pak includes ENB and Memory2048

Control keys: screenshot: End
Reset the aircraft's crew from Nevada: L
Evaluate, do me further similar packs?
For fun lovers there is a cheat menu call Ctrl + c

There is a mod sbroski landing (Troopers replaced by Soviet)
Pack include 28 modifications:
  1. ENBSeries v 1.6
  2. Screenshot
  3. C-47 Skytrain replace Nevada
  4. The Red Army fighter replace ballas1 (id102)
  5. American Soldiers Of The Second World replace gangrl3 (id195)
  6. Stalin replace ballas2 (id103)
  7. Soldiers Of The Wehrmacht replace bmydrug (id28)
  8. PPSH-41 replace M4
  9. Fascist-3 replace fam2 (id106)
  10. Fascist-2 replace fam3 (id107)
  11. Soldiers-fascist replace bikera (id247)
  12. Adolf Hitler (no caps) replace Skin Selector
  13. An officer of the Red Army! replace ballas3 (id104)
  14. Soviet Paratrooper replace swat (id285)
  15. TT-30 by TViStyleR replace Desert Eagle
  16. ASI Loader
  17. Menu Mod
  18. Light tank PzKpfw 2 Ausf. for GTA: SA replace Rhino
  19. PzKpfw VI Tiger replace RC Tiger
  20. MP-40 Dual Mags replace MP5
  21. Memory2048
  22. Mauser K98 replace Rifle
  23. First-Person mod v3.0
  24. Mosin-Nagant replace Sniper Rifle
  25. To reset the troopers of NEVADA
  26. Maschinenkarabiner 1942 replace AK47
  27. Mauser C-96 replace Colt 45
  28. A German officer of The New Order Wolfesntein replace fam1 (id105)
Pack author: Sp0nG3_BoB Downloads: 473 Comments: 0
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