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The grouping of "sin" of s. t. a. l. k. e. R for GTA San Andreas

25 June 2016
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 Группировка "Грех" из S.T.A.L.K.E.R for GTA San Andreas
Sin is one of the most bizarre groupings in the zone. They were previously stalkers. Once the members of the Group were religious fanatics who believed in the divinity of the zone last redemption of mankind. They are the survivors of the second explosion at Chernobyl. Many of them died of diseases previously unknown to science, but who survived, turned out to be disfigured. Dressed in dirty rags, they wander throughout the zone, keeping in their hearts many of its mysteries and dying with them. They hate singles for what many of them come to the zone for the sake of easy money, considering them for Marauders zone. But most of all they hate monolith. Dark stalkers, as they call themselves, violent people. Their grouping they call "sin". Very few people manage to establish contact with them, but some of the stalkers were able to do it. According to rumors of these stalkers, base dark stalkers is somewhere behind the Dark Valley, and their leader is the Raven. Dark stalkers are dressed in dark raincoats with hoods, nadvinutymi so not visible face. If the bully, the hood opens bald head with bloody holes torn out your eyes. Stronghold of the "SIN" of "Sinners" chosen for the headquarters of the pretty blind spot on the North-East zone (where the Dark Valley). Once there was a military base, which led to still do well preserved asphalt road, but this path has been blocked for a long time accumulation of anomalies and roadblocks "sinners".
Skins are made with high quality and good work in the SAMP.
Enjoy your games!
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