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Pack of weapons from CS: GO for GTA San Andreas

2 March 2015
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 Пак оружия из CS:GO for GTA San Andreas
In this Assembly, I added all normal weapon (in my opinion) out of the game in cs: go
The pros in this Assembly:
1) HD textures
2) well lies in the hands of
3) Without lags
4) Trunks from CS: GO:)
Pack include 10 modifications:
  1. TMP replace Micro Uzi
  2. Smoke grenade HD replace Tear Gas
  3. FAMAS F1 (Clarion 5.56) replace MP5
  4. Exclusive!!! PM with a silencer for GTA SA from "TViStyleR" replace Silenced Pistol
  5. Glock17 replace Colt 45
  6. AK-47 (Vulcan) replace AK47
  7. AWP Dragon Lore replace Sniper Rifle
  8. Some Dragon King replace M4
  9. Karambit replace Knife
  10. Glock Fade replace Desert Eagle
Pack author: valujik Downloads: 17784 Comments: 1
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  • deimodda
    deimodda Offline
     Member 229
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    Why u take famas for mp5 and not the p90?
    2 March 2015 12:13

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