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Pak "Jeeps" from Pe4enbkaGames for GTA San Andreas

 Пак "Джипы" от Pe4enbkaGames  miniature 1  Пак "Джипы" от Pe4enbkaGames  miniature 2  Пак "Джипы" от Pe4enbkaGames  miniature 3  Пак "Джипы" от Pe4enbkaGames  miniature 4  Пак "Джипы" от Pe4enbkaGames  miniature 5  Пак "Джипы" от Pe4enbkaGames  miniature 6
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Published on 6 July 2015

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This Pack supersedes all older models of jeeps at the new better models. Features:-some models support AMS IVF; -All the old models of jeeps replaced; -All models in excellent quality; -Fit the atmosphere of the game; -Performance in SA: MP. The pictures below inside sgtools not everything! If you liked the PAC and you want more, leave a comment, place a "+". Your appreciation motivates on something new.
Пак включает в себя 13 mods:
  • - Toyota Land Cruiser 200 replace Landstalker
  • - Land Rover Discovery 2 replace Huntley
  • - Chevrolet Blazer K5 Monster Skin 2 replace Monster B
  • - Ford F150 1978 old crate edition replace Sadlshit
  • - Ford F150 Ute 1976 replace Sadler
    1. - Chevrolet Silverado 2500 MonsterTruck 1986 replace Monster
    2. - 1985 Ford Bronco Monster Truck replace Monster A
    3. - Dodge Ram Trophy Truck replace Sandking
    4. - Dodge Ram 2500 replace Bobcat
    5. - Hummer HMMWV w/mounted Cal.50 replace Patriot
    6. - Chevrolet Silverado '86 replace Yosemite
    7. - Jeep Wrangler replace Mesa
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