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HD SA-MP life pack v1.0 for GTA San Andreas

HD SA-MP life pack v1.0 for GTA San Andreas
 HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 1  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 2  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 3  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 4  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 5  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 6  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 7  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 8  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 9  HD SA-MP life pack v1.0  miniature 10
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Published on 28 December 2017

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Finally something I can imagine the first version of PaKa, which I was very long and carefully for you! Assembly seeks pleasant as possible in the multiplayer portion of the game and improve the level of play to more modern standards. Minimum system requirements: OS-Windows 7/8/10. Processor-2.8 Ghz-RAM 4 GB. Video card: GeForce/ATI 1 GB Pak significantly transform the graphics of the game and make gameplay more enjoyable. Features:-own qualitative ENB with their constituents. -Full working capacity in both the single player and SA-MP and MTA all versions. -Added servers objects and textures are displayed correctly and just leave their shadows and amenable to coverage. -Total absence of missions. -In multiplayer is now displayed everything that was cut (grass, seaweed, marine fauna, dynamic rocks and plants). -All recovered objects now in high quality. Composite:-new textures and damage parts of the standard cars. -Replaced with standard drives with HD-replaced with texture and lighting effects. -Replaced by clouds and weather. -New Sun. -Replaced marine fauna-replaced with grass. -Replaced by the texture of the seabed. -Replaced by beaches and beach towers-completely replaced all weapons and equipment for analogues but in high quality. -Replaced almost all vegetation. -Replaced the textures of roads and sidewalks. -Added light lamps on the ground. HUD and effects I replace, because everyone has different tastes and preferences. If you wish, you can do it yourself without too much difficulty simply by downloading the desired modification. Copyright: authors of modifications used in package specified in the modifications. The server that made the screenshots were randomly selected, any coincidences are accidental. The names of the servers and Nick-nejmy caught players will not be in the picture. Game version: Net 1.0 US (+ multiplayer). As well as to work you will need: 1. Cleo 4.0. 2. ModLoader. It is important! Cleo version 4.0 should be exactly! I've worked on some of the components and the Assembly hope work will be evaluated adequately and the gameplay will bring only positive emotions! Enjoyable game!
Moderators: Mixa_67, lk_1997_kl
Пак включает в себя 53 mods:
  1. - Fire extinguisher from GTA 4. replace Fire Extinguisher
  2. - Sawn-off replace Sawn Off Shotgun
  3. - Explosive C4 replace Sachet Charges
  4. - Night vision device Splinter Cell Goggles replace Nightvision Goggles
  5. - Thermal Goggles replace Thermal Goggles
  6. - Military backpack replace Parachute
  7. - New cane replace Cane
  8. - Flowers HD replace Flowers
  9. - Chainsaw replace Chainsaw
  10. - Camera replace Camera
  12. - These sleeves (sleeves)
  13. - Steel fist replace Brass Knuckles
  14. - A flamethrower from Team Fortress 2 replace Flame Thrower
  15. - Nitestick replace Night Stick
  16. - Montana Spray replace Spray Paint
  17. - Katana HD replace Katana
  18. - Uzi replace Micro Uzi
  19. - Minigun update replace Minigun
  20. - Steyr Scout replace Rifle
  21. - New cue replace Pool cue
  22. - GTA V Radar Icons
  23. - Spade from Resident Evil 5 replace Shovel
  24. - Putter of GTA 5 replace Golf Club
  25. - Desert Eagle HD replace Desert Eagle
  26. - Jetpack from Batman Arkham Origins replace jetpack
  27. - Arrow replace Missile Launcher
  28. - GTA V Styled Radar V2
  29. - The spas-12 of Battlefield 3 replace Combat Shotgun
  30. - Bayonet M9 from CS: GO replace Knife
  31. - The detonator replace Detonator
  32. - Original colt 45 in hd replace Colt 45
  33. - Molotov Cocktail (Postapokalipsis) replace Molotovs
  34. - GTA V Machine zone II V2-Misterix 4 Weapons replace Tec9
  35. - New lifeguard
  36. - USP Silenced from CS. GO replace Silenced Pistol
  37. - Vegetation Pack 3.0
  38. - RPG-7 replace RPG
  39. - W1200 From Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered replace Shotgun
  40. - New pomegranate replace Grenades
  41. - Mp5 SD2 replace MP5
  42. - AWM replace Sniper Rifle
  43. - COD 4 MW Remastered M4A1 replace M4
  44. - Samp Grass
  45. - Beach-Summer 2017
  46. - HD SA-MP life ENB v2.0
  47. - MIL Pliex (New sniper scope)
  48. - Dirty Vehicle.txd SA-MP Edition v1.0 Full
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