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Cowboy duel for GTA San Andreas

Cowboy duel for GTA San Andreas
 Ковбойская дуэль for GTA San Andreas miniature 1
 Ковбойская дуэль for GTA San Andreas miniature 2
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Published on 12 April 2013

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And so, the new funny script, the idea proposed at the Forum.
Karl now can take part in cowboy duel. Space duel is next to an abandoned takeoff Strip, there are houses right next to the road (one mission there had to bring Mèkkèra and Sex). See the red circle and stand up in it. You'll see how your opponent arrives with his girlfriend on an armored Jeep. Used 3 models and 6 models of girlfriends. So they may be different each time, but may be repeated. You will be given weapons or COLT45, or DESERT EAGLE.
And so, when you are ready, start the report back. When "Vperëd" appears, shoot at the enemy or top you. If you win, you will get 10000 $ and girlfriend of the enemy, you will also be able to pick up his armored Jeep. If you lose, then ... Carla waits for a nasty surprise when he očnëtsâ.
Author:  d88
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