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San Andreas Race Mission Creator 0.9(RUS) for GTA San Andreas

San Andreas Race Mission Creator 0.9(RUS)

San Andreas Race Mission Creator 0.9(RUS)

San Andreas Race Mission Creator 0.9(RUS)

This program is designed to greatly simplify the process of writing the racing missions. In fact, you need only to enter some data, based on which will be constructed the script of the mission. While programming knowledge is not necessary to write racing mission. However, the presence of Sanny Builder a must.
• Automatic determination of coordinates of / facing angle of the player from the game.
• Adding objects to the game (e.g. jumps).
• Adding events to the game (beta).
• Creation of mission type sprint/circle.
• Check the mission after creation by pressing one(!) buttons (the mission will install itself and start GTA SA - SB version not lower than 3.0)
• Changing the parameters of machines / checkpoints / objects / events.
• Other options (weather, time of the race, the possibility of repetition, etc.)
The software is easy to use, at least a couple of examples of racing missions.
PS do Not forget to specify the path to the SA and SB(File>Settings)
Author: Axel and Nikitos
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Published on 24 April 2013

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