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5 years old. Congratulations on the anniversary of the site!

20 September 2017
5 лет выдержки

This is our first anniversary and it is very exciting. We went a long way and our beloved site turned five years old! We with great pleasure congratulate all users of the site, our friendly and professional team of moderators and all those who accept and take part in the life of the site. To our users we wish creative successes, the maximum leveling of their skills in modding, more often to please friends and relatives!

By the birthday of the site we have been preparing a surprise for a long time. But it so happened that we did not have time to prepare it in time. We do not want to hurry and do everything carefully and thoughtfully. So today I will open the veil of secrecy for you and tell you a little about the gift that awaits you in the near future.

By the fifth anniversary of the site, we decided to change the design of the site, make it more convenient and enjoyable. Changes are conceived for pages with mods, the site menu and for many other modules. By the way, even the site logo will change! Our character depicted on the logo will remain, but decided to improve the quality and style of the picture. Also our project will have a mobile version of the site. In general, you think it will be interesting to see the site in a different, more recent form.

Well, while our designer is working beautifully, and the programmer knocks his fingers on the keyboard, we suggest that you celebrate this wonderful holiday. Happy Birthday !!! Hooray!!!

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"Thumb up" instead of pluses

13 July 2017
Обновление модерации

Hello everyone!

Today we are pleased to present an update of the publication rating. Instead of pluses and minuses, there will now be "Likes".

Now if you like the mod, then you can click on the "thumb up". Next to the icon is the number of people who liked this mod. Also, you can remove up your own likes, in case, for some reason, you do not like mods, or news. To press "thumb up", you need to register.

That's all! We wish you a lot of likes and good mood.

Administration of
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Changing the site moderation system

25 January 2017
Обновление модерации


We continue to improve the system of moderation mods on our website.

Now moderators have the opportunity to refuse check mods, which in their opinion should not be published on our website.

Changing the site moderation system

If the mod will not be checked within 14 days, then it will automatically be removed from moderation.

Изменение системы модерации сайта

This update, significantly reduce the burden on team of moderators. Checking modifications will be several times faster.

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Lottery results!

20 October 2016
Lottery results!

Hello, friends!

The site celebrated its fourth birthday. We summarize the results of the lottery!

The winners received 4 games! This is users: Kriss, Vovan244, Mixa_67 and 05010513788.

We congratulate our winners and present these games! beer

Video of the draw you can see on our Youtube channel.

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Updated installers for GTA 5

20 October 2016
Улучшена автоматическая установка модов для GTA 5


Today we are pleased to inform you that we have added a new feature to autoinstallers. Now they can add new files in the RPF archives, that did not exist previously.
This opens up new possibilities for automatic installation. As an example of these mods - replacing of peds in the game. You can download them in skins category.

Stay with us and we will please you with new updates. team!

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