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We are looking for moderators!

23 October 2015
We are looking for moderators!

Hello everyone!

Our favorite site requires responsible people for the position of the moderators! Site moderator is one of our most important position, because of its decisions depends on the quality and order all our huge file archive. Now you have another opportunity to help the portal and to contribute to the common cause.

With the new system of moderation, we can recruit and train a lot of wishing, but that was not damaged, we will check the quality to do it gradually. Members who want to try yourself in the role of moderator will get a new position "Candidate moderators" and will be able to check mods as well as the usual moderators. Then their decisions regarding the correctness added mods will consult with the decisions of the current moderators. Your mistakes will not affect the quality of published mods. The task of the candidates learn to check mods. But to become a full-fledged moderator is necessary to properly check the 10 modifications in a row.

Clear selection criteria we have, but we will focus on the following:

  • Activity on the site (the date of registration, the number of publications and comments)
  • Adequate behavior. We need responsible people who will be interested primarily in the development of our website and maintaining the purity of the file archive. Remember that moderators are members of the team site and the face of our portal.
  • The depth of knowledge about the features of different games. This item is not required, but the more the user knows about the games and their features, the better it will be moderate, and the more chances he has to become a moderator.

So, wanting to get in the first set have to unsubscribe in the comments to this news of its intention to become a moderator. For the first time we will select five members that will become candidates and moderators. We expect that in 2 weeks all the candidates become full moderators. If someone in this period did not have time to improve their position, we will have to remove the user from the position of the candidate and give place to others. After 2 weeks, or as soon as all of the 5 candidates become full moderators, we shall find another 5 members to the position of "Candidate moderators."

Let me remind, that you get 1 / for each mod checking. This is an additional opportunity to earn stars for those wishing to participate in this mega-competition!

Stay with us! Let's make even better!

Posted: wawilon Comments: 7
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  • phteve-222
    phteve-222 Offline
     Member 387
    - 0 +
    I would like to become a moderator
    24 October 2015 10:17
  • enghilloaclan13
    enghilloaclan13 Offline
     Member 19
    - 0 +
    i love this page
    25 October 2015 16:58
  • dsher-1
    dsher-1 Offline
     Member 618
    - 0 +
    hi Mr admin , rules
    I wish success to everyone, but I think that it is necessary to control by supervisors to Mods
    ( script ) no Attack our game and be a good idea Mod and fun is no one comes a mod and that was bad accepted.I think not . Site good or bad from mods, programs and benefit. It is not anything I hope supervisors testing any script .
    over crashes game All of us hating it . . It's over .
    Best wishes to you more and more development
    27 October 2015 02:18
  • AlterBlitz
    AlterBlitz Offline
     Moderator Comments moderator 1246
    - 0 +
    Stay active on the website, help other users when they have questions and finally be matured. You must also have the above criteria specified. Then wawilon will consider you for moderator candidate. Contact me through PM only:
    -> If you have any Mod issues and game crashes.
    -> If you have new ideas about creating mods.
    -> If there are any moderation issues.
    27 October 2015 03:12
  • MariosXdX
    MariosXdX Offline
     Member 14
    - 0 +
    I would like to be a moderator.
    27 October 2015 13:28
    THE_PUNISHER Offline
     Member 47
    - 0 +
    Moderator ~
    8 November 2015 11:52
  • GhostAttack
    GhostAttack Offline
     Member 202
    - 0 +
    I want to be a moderator. smile ildottoredemitrovica
    16 February 2016 20:59

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