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Changing the site moderation system

25 January 2017
Обновление модерации


We continue to improve the system of moderation mods on our website.

Now moderators have the opportunity to refuse check mods, which in their opinion should not be published on our website.

Changing the site moderation system

If the mod will not be checked within 14 days, then it will automatically be removed from moderation.

Изменение системы модерации сайта

This update, significantly reduce the burden on team of moderators. Checking modifications will be several times faster.

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  • eino
    eino Offline
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    Hi. Bro I want know !! Why my mods still in moderation 6 days and not published...please help me
    ........that's was sucks... pliz help........... I want know are you work on improved the moderation.and this reason for my mods not published???
    13 March 2017 04:10

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