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Superior intellect SPC for TES V Skyrim

10 July 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Улучшенный интеллект НПЦ for TES V Skyrim
Required patch Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification.
This mod required:
  • Dawnguard DLC
  • Dragonborn DLC
The main purpose of this mod is significantly improved artificial intelligence of friendly NPCs, for they began to respond and act like real people, thereby improving the immersion in the atmosphere of the game. The mod would strongly intelligence nepisej, which are in the "standard State" and "martial status". "Anxiety" was left intact.

Standard State-NPC does not know about the presence of the enemy
Martial status — NPC found enemy
Anxiety-NPC knows about the presence of the enemy, but not found it
Martial status

This is the first mod that changes so much intellect NPC when they are in battle.

Instinct of survival

Almost all of the characters in the Skajrime will be able to assess risk and respond to threat properly. For example, if the NPC attacked and he realizes that he has no chance to win the fight-he will flee to a safe place.

What would determine if the NPC's chances of winning are used 4 parameters:

Level NPC
NPC Health
NAT. and magician. SPC protection
The level of opponent
A safe place is randomly selected and the number of such places depends on the size of the city, in which the lives of SPC. Such places can be: home, Castle Church NPC, Jarl, mine, barracks, etc.

Basic rules

If SPC is attacked the enemy, which on 10 + more, then he will flee
If the health of SPC below a certain value, he will flee. Threshold: 50, 40, 30 and 20% depends on the equipment if it is NPC, heavy armor and shield, then he runs away only when it reaches 20% health.

If the SPC your companion — he will not use his survival instinct
Survival instinct will use only friendly NPC and neutral (urban)
SPC is able to assess the level of danger even from opponents that were added by other plugins
The NPC, which added other plugins as well will use the survival instinct
Special rules

On top of the basic rules have special that depend on the identity of the NPC and their social rank. These rules take precedence over the core.

Civil: SPC from this category will never attempt to strike back when attacked. If they were attacked, they try to warn security guards. SPC fall into this category if it meets. rules:

Max. level is less than 10
Has no armor
Unarmed (dagger is not considered)
Strategists: the NPC of this category will begin a tactical retreat within a few seconds after they lose half health. During the retreat, they try to heal yourself and update your protective spells. After they have finished the restoration, they return that would continue the fight. This category includes NPC meet SL. requirements:

Is a member of the Vinterholda
The amount of Mana more 63
Cautious: the NPC of this category will run away if attacked "unusual" opponents, even if they have higher levels. These characters will be run from provtivnikov whose level of theirs more on 5 + (instead of 10). Examples of "unusual" creatures: the Dragon, giant, giant spider, mammoth. Careful considered NPC meet SL. requirements:

Member of the Guild of thieves
Member of the dark brotherhood
Wears cloth and are not aware of protective spells
Fearless: the NPC of this category will never leave the fight, regardless of the enemy forces. Fearless considered NPC meet one of SL. requirements:

Under the influence of a spell of rabies
Member of the Guild of the companions
Member of the Imperial Legion
Member of the brothers of the storm
Kadžity merchants: Unlike other SPC Skyrim, Kadžity traders will remain outside the city, when they decide to run away. If they are close to the city, they will hide inside watchtowers, city walls or mines. If they try to escape while on their way to the next item on trade, they will run in his direction.

Sleeping agents: among the inhabitants of Skyrim will be same and vampires/forsaken if they did not attack the drakonoroždennogo and their time has not yet come — they will look like ordinary citizens.

Fighting style


Defensive combat style got citizens classified as a warrior. During the fight with the enemy they rely on counter-attacks. Most of the time the NPC will conduct such protection, and once the enemy a little will be shaken — will hold an immediate attack.

Sorcerer and Thief (Archer)

Mages and archers will leave the fight as soon as possible. They will try to keep distance and will not catch up with his opponent.

Standard condition

Human behavior

Indoors, the intellect of every NPC has been configured in accordance with their personal stories, social rank, personality, etc.
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