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No auto leveling 1.0 for TES V Skyrim

2 December 2014
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 No auto leveling 1.0 for TES V Skyrim
Required patch Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification.
This mod required:
  • Hearthfire DLC
  • Dragonborn DLC
  • Dawnguard DLC
Author:  YourBunnyWrote
The simplest is essentially a plug-in that neutralizes the tiered system of Skyrim.

In essence:
In Skyrim provides a mechanism that adjusts the game's environments according to the current level of the player, for example: in the early levels of pumping, you almost can not find a strong enemy (with a high level of skill in his arsenal of weapons and spells with high rates of ubojnosti or any other qualitative characteristics), in chests and on the bodies of slain enemies you will hardly find a really deserving of attention loot (armor with low protection, the weapon with low damage, and so on). The same, but exactly the opposite happens when you reach a certain level of performance: the opponents are stronger, have good armor weapons with high damage, traders appear more high-quality, expensive goods. In General, the level of NPCs, items, and some other parts of the game world always grows with the level of the player's character in a way that the difficulty of the game is almost always stays at the same level.
So it turns out that the bandits-oborvancy, which in the first level were armed with a long bow and arrows with iron, for example, to the 30 level of rearming dvemerskimi bows and arrows, and all glass, right around Skajrime, and meet a weaker opponent becomes nearly impossible.
This modification breaks this vicious circle. Now, the NPC and the characteristics of the objects in the world, generated by level lists will not be tied to your level, that is, at every level you will come across as a strong and a weak opponent, find both cheap and expensive, high-quality items in chests and on the bodies of the fallen enemies.
Modification does not contain scripts that consists of a single file that does not require the installation of other mods and programs to work. Compared to other modes, in which the same redesigned level system (Requiem, Skyrim Static Skyrim Unleashed, Skyrim Scaling Stopper), did not make any further changes, affects only the tier lists, lowering the minimum level required to generate any item up to 1.

Possible conflicts: this plugin will conflict with all other plugins that have made changes to the tier lists Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn Hearthfire. If you use such modifications, then put them in the boot order after this plugin (No auto leveling.esp).
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