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Camouflage for Soviet tanks for World of Tanks

22 September 2013
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Камуфляж для советских танков for World of Tanks
Camouflage for Soviet tanks
Pack include 56 modifications:
  1. Skin for IP with camouflage
  2. Skin for Su-85 with camouflage
  3. Skin for BT-7 with camouflage
  4. Skin for T-34 with camouflage
  5. Skin for t-28 with camouflage
  6. Skin for t-34-85 with camouflage
  7. Skin for BT-2 with camouflage
  8. Skin for t-26 with camouflage
  9. Skin for the at-1 with camouflage
  10. Skin for MC-1 with camouflage
  11. Skin for a-20 with camouflage
  12. Skin for the KV-1 with camouflage
  13. Skin for Su-5 with camouflage
  14. Skin for p-51 with camouflage
  15. Skin for Su-18 with camouflage
  16. Skin for Su-100 with camouflage
  17. Skin for Su-152 with camouflage
  18. Skin for IP-3 with camouflage
  19. Skin for t-44 with camouflage
  20. Skin for t-46 with camouflage
  21. Skin for t-43 with camouflage
  22. Skin for Su-76 with camouflage
  23. Skin for Su-85B camouflaged
  24. Skin for Su-8 with camouflage
  25. Skin for Su-14 with camouflage
  26. Skin for Valentine II camouflage
  27. Skin for Matilda IV with camouflage
  28. Skin for Churchill III with camouflage
  29. Skin for BT-SW with camouflage
  30. Skin for 220 kV-camouflaged
  31. Skin for SQUARE-3 with camouflage
  32. Skin for t-54 with camouflage
  33. Skin for t-50 with camouflage
  34. Skin for IP-7 with camouflage
  35. Skin for the kV-13 with camouflage
  36. Skin for ISU-152 with camouflage
  37. Skin for The 212A with camouflage
  38. Skin for A 261 camouflaged
  39. Skin for The 704 with camouflage
  40. Skin for HF-5 with camouflage
  41. Skin for t-127 with camouflage
  42. Skin for IP-6 with camouflage
  43. Skin for CT-I with camouflage
  44. Skin for Su-26 with camouflage
  45. Skin for M3 Stuart camouflaged
  46. Skin for the a-32 with camouflage
  47. Skin for t-50-2 with camouflage
  48. Skin for t-150 with camouflage
  49. Skin for KV-4 with camouflage
  50. Skin for KV-2 with camouflage
  51. Skin for Su-85I camouflaged
  52. Skin for KV-1 with camouflage
  53. Skin for IP-8 with camouflage
  54. Skin for MkVII Tetrarch with camouflage
  55. Skin for t-62A camouflaged
  56. Skin for A 268 with camouflage
Pack author: GM-robot Downloads: 457 Comments: 0
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